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MRF provides clinical support, training, and programming to local non-profits and treatment programs. Co-Founders are behavioral health specialists who have been working in the field of military mental health for the past decade. MRF’s Clinical Support Initiative is focused on enhancing treatment models and promoting awareness and advocacy for service members, veterans, and military families. Through training and program development, MRF aims to increase cultural competency and improve the overall scope and efficacy of treatment services offered to this population. 


Current Clinical Support Initiatives include:

Community Reintegration events

Hosted lunches that invite veteran mentors and key stakeholders from the community to “break bread” with service members/veterans and their families, particularly at treatment agencies and programs.

Resource Navigation

MRF provides direct resource navigation and recommendations for military members locally and nationally, by phone and in person, for critical and long term needs, such as housing, family, treatment, addiction, employment, education, and overall wellness. MRF has also provided benefits reviews and written clinical summaries for legal cases seeking upgrade. All services are free of charge.

Training and Clinical Consultation

MRF provides clinical support, education, and program consultation to various agencies and providers at local and national conference events, seminars, forums, and public platforms.

Modulized Curriculum

In partnership with Intersections International, Service Together, MRF has written and implemented a 6-Module Training Curriculum, covering areas of Military Cultural Competency, including a basic overview of warrior identity, as well as more advanced topics of existential and cross-generational issues.

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