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Number of veterans served January 2014-September 2016

Number of civilians

Number of First Responders (PD/FD)




"Was indeed a pleasure being part of the production Twelfth Night. What was so special is that we became a family. Especially love the words of the music which reflects on what's going on in the world we live in today. I kind of wish that the production was extended for a few more weeks."

 - Tom Barzey

“This event has given me more closure, showed me there is hope, and made me feel that I mean something. It made me feel alive.”

 - JR, Army

testimonials & reflections

“The trip to Ground Zero was pivotal in my recovery. The staff has a great amount of experience in treating service members and it shows. I recommend this program to anyone who is suffering from PTSD.”

 - MB, Navy

It was such a pleasure to have been a member of this Public Works ensemble. The professionalism, expertise and warmth of the artistic and production teams was a joy to experience each and every moment. Many elements needed to come together to make this show happen: the artistic vision, the music, the casting, the training of community members in song and dance, so much more. That synergy of effort, the complex planning and execution resonated with my experience in military campaign planning and execution...Thanks to The Public and community partner The Military Resiliance Project for this wonderful opportunity.


 - Col. (USAF, Ret.) James P. Stanton

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