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MRF provides a range of programs and services....


Warrior in the Woods is a four-day existential retreat, located in select destinations, developed by the Military Resilience Foundation. It is designed for both male and female veterans to spend guided time hiking, boating, fishing, and participating in workshops focusing on self-exploration, personal meaning, rejuvenation, identity building, and storytelling with peers. Locations vary, and have included Adirondack region and Des Moines, day holistic and comprehensive workshops focused on areas of identity building, stress reduction, insight, and personal growth. Activities include guided meditation, storytelling, art and drama therapy, music performance, writing, and meditation/movement practices (e.g. Qi Qong, Yoga). These events are free of charge to all participants.

Warrior in the Woods creates a holistic experience for veterans that promotes connectivity to self and others, personal insight, and awareness. Through a series of direct experiences, participants are empowered to break down personal barriers within a safe support network, and gain a newfound sense of identity actualization and purpose.



  • Physical Empowerment: swimming, boating, cliff jumping, hiking , service projects

  • Personal Reflection: meditation, qi gong, journaling

  • Creative Exploration: art, drama, writing, and music projects and experiences

  • Relational Connectivity: ice breakers, collaborative projects, team building experiences and adventures, fire-pit ceremony


The Ground Hero Program is designed to give our local military and veteran groups in the NYC metro area a group experience in and around the 9/11 National Museum and Memorial in New York City. Ground Hero Program events are free of charge to all who attend and transportation is covered to minimize barriers to day events inviting service members/veterans and their guests on a chartered boat fishing off the shores of Long Island. These events provide opportunities for stress reduction, recreation, peer-to-peer networking, and a positive experience. These events are free of charge to all participants.

Ground Hero Program events are held typically once every other month, and are full-day events that include:


  • Meeting with approximately 30-40 service members, veterans, military family members, and civilian stakeholders at a central location in NYC.


  • Travelling together by van for a guided/self-directed tour of the 9/11 Museum and 9/11 Memorial Park. This tour is partly narrated by FDNY 9/11 survivors and first responders, who discuss their personal experiences as well.


  • After the 9/11 site experience, all participants are taken by van to a local FDNY firehouse, where they are hosted to a “Firehouse Lunch” by the firefighters there.


  • Each day ends with the group traveling back together to the day’s starting points and meeting as a group to process their experiences of the day.

Home again

Home Again is designed to make transitions smooth for veterans moving from homelessness, shelter or housing programs into independent housing. MRF works with community partners to provide re-purposed furniture, household goods, housewares and clothing. This program’s goal is to promote transitional support to those in need in order to minimize stress and maximize sustainability.



Home Again offers one-day service that proceeds as follows:


  • Veterans complete a referral form, including request for items they need. MRF staff then coordinates pick up for the recipient to obtain the required items.


  • Home Again is able to offer clothing, beds, dressers, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, tables, chairs, fans, couches, appliances, decorative items, dining supplies, clothing, and other specialty items.


  • All items are screened for quality prior to being distributed. Veterans are only provided with high quality or brand new items.


  • The focus of this program is to create a means to relieve some of the pressures related to housing transitions, assisting veterans in utilizing their resources and funds to establish next steps toward future planning and sustainability.


  • Requests are met with immediacy and respect throughout the entire process. Veteran, NYPD, FDNY, and civilian volunteers from the community assist with mobilization of items, which provides secondary benefits of peer support, socialization, and community service.


  • This program also helps to reduce our ‘footprint,’ by re-purposing items in a useful and productive way, while also meeting a critical need.


Vets on Stage with Public Works is a program that gives veterans the opportunity to work in a professional performance environment, alongside Broadway performers. Veterans spend time working with Directors, Choreographers, and Musical Staff, rehearsing a Shakespeare work. At the end of the 6-week rehearsal series, Veterans perform in the company for over 8,000 NY residents.


Benefits of this program include:


  • Raised confidence levels

  • Community ensemble camaraderie

  • Reintegration into teamwork

  • Exercise in patience, understanding, and self character development

  • Expressive outlet for creative energy

  • Rigorous and structured dedication and accountability levels

  • Provides a platform and voice for veterans to be seen and heard publicly


Ongoing acting workshops are provided year round in order to develop cohesion, consistency, and continuity, as well as building creative talents among Veteran Community. Tickets to Public Works shows are provided year round for veterans and their families to attend.

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